Software Blocking

Recently updated Comodo Firewall to go with my Windows 7.
Previously in XP I set up three categories, which now seem to be called rule-sets. These were Allowed, Blocked and Once Only.
Whenever I installed new software, I got a message pop-up with the ruleset options and a ‘always use’ checkbox.
This was the default and worked very well.

Now, in Windows 7 with the latest version, things appear to be overly complicated. I have set the rulesets, but these never pop up and all software seems to bypass the firewall whenever it likes.
How do I set Comodo to route all new software through the ruleset options so I can, once again, allow, block or allow once?
In the application rules all the software is set to custom. Looking at custom this tells me ‘Block And Log IP Out From MAC Any To MAC Any Where Protocol Is Any’.
I would have thought blocking would have been the default setting for any firewall - block and only allow if modified. At the moment, it appears Comodo is not blocking anything which communicates with the internet!

If your firewall security setting is ‘custom rules’, then it should be looking only at the specific rulesets for each applications IP traffic.

If each applications rules are set to block all, and its not, the only thing I can think of is that ‘trust applications signed by trusted vendors’ option is ignoring the FW rules for those apps having that signature.

If you change the security setting for the FW from ‘custom rules’ to ‘block all’ and it still allows IP traffic, somethings definitely wrong.

Custom ‘Block All’ doesn’t seem to block anything. Programs still access websites through Internet Explorer.
Is there a test for checking the firewall block?

If the FW security setting is ‘block all’ and you launch IE and it connects to you home page, well, that’s just plain wrong.

What version were you using before? Was it standalone FW or CIS with only FW component installed / active?

You can set the Firewall to Custom Policy and you may want to enable Create rules for safe applications.

I’m understanding that the FW security setting was ‘custom rules’ and that the custom rule for an app was ‘block all IP’ and yet it wasn’t. Furthermore, changing the FW security setting to ‘block all’ and it appears to be allowing everything access to the interwebs.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding

Have tried running a self diagnostic by clicking the ? icon > support > diagnostic. Also check and make sure the Comodo Firewall driver is install and enabled on the adapter interface under network connections just to be thorough.

Is the FW enabled?