Software blocking on XP

Windows Vista, 7, and 8 all have advanced built-in security that prevents software from running without your say-so. Windows XP lacks this feature.

I’ve been wondering if this is built into XP by default, as I’m still on XP. I was thinking about upgrading to Windows 8 64-bit, but it seems like 64-bit doesn’t like running 32-bit software, and I absolutely have to be able to run 32-bit software still.

The lack of this sort of security in XP is one of the main reasons why I’d upgrade, but if Comodo Defense+ is already providing this security then the urgency to upgrade is somewhat diminished.

Basically, if a virus is downloaded by accident, it must not be able to run without my permission, regardless of whether the antivirus detects it as a virus or not. Essentially all software needs to be blacklisted until I manually whitelist things.

Edit: forgot to mention - I do not use the sandbox, I do not want to use sandbox. I’m allergic to sandbox. Let’s not discuss sandbox.

I promise i dont discuss about sandboxie. Its just good :smiley:

Defense+ of comodo is the feature that you want to have. (Default deny).
In safe mode only “whitelisted” things are allowed to run without question.
In paranoid mode you will have to allow everything before its allowed to run. (You should know what you do).

The comodo firewall is a nice one.

Never forget to make settings! In general.

Okay, excellent, it is already in safe mode. The next question is, should I be running in safe mode, or paranoid mode?

For instance, in paranoid mode, if I run notepad.exe and it asks/warns me and I give it permission to run, will it ask me the next time I run it?

You can choose each time to use “remember my answer”, or not.
Make sure before you click in the question window if the checkmarks are on the desired place!

I used paranoid mode for a long time. Then i became old and comfortable :smiley: . I keep my eyes open, i use an antivirus, and use safe mode of comodo defense+.
The firewall is in custom mode. Internet connection is something that i want to decide fully on my own.

The main difference between paranoid and safe mode:
Paranoid is for human control.
Safe mode is for a comfortable mixture. (IF something malicious would be whitelisted, you could get a problem).

When you are going to use paranoid mode, you should save your config at a ceratin point. To have a matrix for the future. Dont do mistakes :wink: … Check every process (like shutting down, screensaver … everything) if it works well, if it has all answers it could need.
A wrong monitor, a wrong setting in paranoid mode and your screen has a “burned in” picture because it could not switch to screensaver.