Softpedia Review: Comodo Firewall

Hi Neji,

Thanks for that link. It’s a great review Comodo. :smiley:


Nicely spotted Neji.

That certainly is very good review for CFW.

The only “down” point he raised is wrong as well I believe. I don’t think he tested his internet connection after he killed CPF.EXE, as I seem to remember that CMDAGENT.EXE doesn’t take it very well when CPF.EXE is killed.

Frankly, I find it quite odd that Mr. Nistor, a self-proclaimed non-firewall user who questions their very necessity, is reviewing a firewall. Prior to his review he exclaims his “world order is about to change” (food for thought?).

I would think it only logical to question the man’s professing Comodo FW’s easy closure with the Task Manager!

Added benefit: Codrat has given us a screen shot of the default rules (Softpedia shot #6). The forum now has a place to direct those who inquire about them, rather than sending them to the thread with the disturbing “allow in rather than out” error.

Needless to say the average Softpedia reader will simply cut to the yea or nay without actually reading this treasure.