SocketLock Tool from GRC

What are the various opinions here about the Tool SocketLock from

Steve Gibson is a strong believer in not allowing raw sockets in Windows.

In fact when I first installed Comodo (with the guidance of Little Mac and Soya), I tried to run the program SuperScan4 but could not get it to install. That was untill I turned OFF SocketLock


Well, apart from the situation that you had - possibly peculiar to the app. or set-up - I’ve run SocketLock on my last 2 boxes and on others.
I also use Gibson’s:
Shoot the Messenger
Socket to Me

although some aren’t needed if the relevant Service is turned off.


well, if you use windoze XP SP2 it’s not really needed
since raw sockets isn’t supported by tcpip.sys under XP
(w2k3 does support it) .

also, I think Comodo Firewall doesn’t allow it unless you make a rule ?

Well, always thinking different, why not use it? It’s a great free app. You can test the socket state by using another great GRC toll called SocketToMe… just to inform you…

Have a ■■■■ and relax.