Social Networks and our Friends Security

Melih, before I go on with this topic, I gleened this from one of the articles:

Twitter has the same problem. And it’s worsened by the popularity of URL shorteners. These shorten big URLs into a handful of characters. This is necessary because of Twitter’s character limit. The problem is, you can’t tell what you’re clicking on. This is a security concern that nobody has addressed.

For most here Comodo’s Verification Engine is the answer, but I wondered if there was a way to check urls without the need to click on it ? I might have asked this before, and if this option could be added to the Verification Engine.

The hard part is getting our friends to install it. IF somehow they could try it first before installing it (:NRD)

Here are two links concerning Social Networking I received today from a Kim Komando Newsletter (I subscribe to about 7 different mailings)

How many friends do we know that either have a false assumption that they are always safe unless they go to harmful sites, never update because their system is working fine, or are afraid of installing software because they are not sure if it will cause damage.

The Comodo AV Online Scanner is one method to try before you install, except for removal of malware.
Wonder if an online link for The Verification Engine and and other Comodo Tools could be developed ?

There are those that always look for Trialware and there are those that avoid installing trial ware 83% of the time.


There are some services that uncripple shortened URLs:

If you use firefox there are a number of greasemonkey scripts that do that automatically.

TinyURL Decoder
FriendFeed TinyURL Resolver
TinyURL Popup Preview

There are lots of others.