Social networking on mobile devices has potential to cause harm to children.

Just recently at an un-fenced playground/park near a busy road and lake with my daughter I observed a parent glued to their mobile device and suddenly they stood up in a panic calling out for their child. :o
I joined the search and fortunately the toddler was found safe and sound.
I am amazed as to how much people can get hooked on social networking sites etc, to a point that they can put their own child at risk.
I propose to the authorities to put a ban on mobile device use (Except in emergencies) for sole guardians of small children in public places.

It should be up to each individual to impose upon themselves any restrictions necessary. I am against any form of government control over our. lives.
Government tends to take things too far, and in this case extreme government agency abuse would ensue.
Also, not everyone would be treated equal, that is currently evident in a number of situations involving Children’s Services Agencies.
No. Very very bad idea.

Besides, the individual could have been playing a game on their smartphone, not socializing.

Kids can literally commit ■■■■■■ and get away with it because of someone insisting government impose their ideals onto everyone else.
No. Self control only. Not government control.
I am fully against Big Brother.

I have to agree with John, but I probably only do that since I hate any restriction on freedom and hence I by extension dislike the government to some extent. (This is for things you use, like a cellphone, but I think killing etc should be illegal) One thing I do think should be illegal is public smoking and with a big tasty fine.


I am sorry but I have to disagree with the above to some extent.
Partially agree that we are controlled to much in an unnecessary fashion, but when it comes to the safety and welfare of children who are not old enough to fend for themselves from irresponsibly parenting someone needs to do something.
Alternatives measures for the child’s safety would be frowned upon, like placing in alternative care or similar.

This child I had seen recently doesn’t deserve to have the risk of being injured or killed increased just because of so called freedom.
We should in no way let technology be detrimental to any child’s well being, but it has got to that point already.

Our children deserve freedom as much as you or I, but we need to guide them safely or their freedom can diminish in the blink of an eye.
For anyone to think of putting their own freedom before children’s safety, please please post alternative actions to protect from an irresponsible guardian which the child has no control over.

I do not advocate all laws and rules, but by golly it would be a cruel world to live in without some controlling bodies.
Even the Comodo forum for example, imagine the quality of content if we left it open without any terms & conditions to abide by.

I agree it should be up to the individual but when an individual removes themselves from this type of responsibility, they should also lose some of their freedom.
Also to choose to be a parent or guardian, giving up some self freedom should go without saying.
I also suspect IMO social networking to be more of an issue than game playing as I have seen it resemble that of an addiction numerous times, where it has got to a point of changing personalities and lifestyles of some individuals.

Yes I am a very proud parent, our children that are to young to be heard deserve the best chance of survival.
I was willing to lose some of my own freedom when I chose to be a parent, as I now have an obligation to my child to nurture and protect her with all my might.

Thanks for reading from Captainsticks.

What is that quote from the movie Parenthood? Something like: You need a license to own a dog, drive a car, or even catch a fish. But they’ll let anyone be a parent. :-X

Unfortunately, no form of restriction will stop people from doing stupid things…

Very true words.

Unfortunately, no form of restriction will stop people from doing stupid things...
This is also true but if we can do anything at all that saves even only one child, then it was worth the trouble. :)

In my opinion it’s not worth the trouble as it sets a troubling precedent in the governments right to step into so many parent’s lives, including the good ones. Thus, I believe that the potential big brotheresque issues that a law like this would introduce vastly outweigh the good it may do.

I can’t help but think we have our priorities set to much for self right.
Big brother, self freedom, government hatred or whatever else is no excuse to put a child’s life in jeopardy.

OK I get it, my suggestion of banning would effect innocents as well but IMO we do need some form of intervention.
A few years ago in my local state a child in a pram rolled into a river and drowned because the parents attention was drawn away from their duties fidgeting to answer their mobile phone.
We as children were not subject to these risk as our (Mine at least) didn’t have this mobile technology.
Once again I agree people should be responsible for their own actions, but that poor baby didn’t have a say.
I won’t post any links out of respect for this tragedy.

We protect our computer systems the best we know how, don’t our children deserve at least the same respect.

Should we intentionally allow our toddlers roam busy streets alone? No because they might be hit by a vehicle.
So why allow attention seeking devices divert our attention, allowing the same to happen.

If we hoon drive endangering lives our cars are impounded.
How about if child supervision is effected from our mobile devices endangering lives, our devices are impounded.

We are all concerned about child protection for our computers from bad sites etc, their physical beings are way more important.

I am passionate in the fact that children are the most important part of our lives.
I understand we are all entitled to our own opinion, but I also hope we agree that child protection has the highest priority regardless of what we have to give up to achieve this.

Do not let the fear of big brother kill our future.
No children = No future.

In this case the parent is at fault it’s as simple as that not the technology. Having said that people are addicted to technology so much today. When was the last time you had a real conversation with people not using their mobile? But we all addicted to something good or bad. At the end of the day things we buy end up owning us. It’s all about self-awareness and saying yes I have a problem and I need to do something about it.

Hi Seany007,
I realise it is not the device at fault, but do we allow hoons on our roads because it is not the car at fault?
No the car would be impounded in the hope to save a life.
I have downgraded the idea of a ban, to impounding devices from irresponsible owners.

Edit: Added quote.

I say each have ups in downs. If the country was to ban this in public places. I would find it hard for the law enforcement to enforce this ban. they would need a security officer every 60-100 feet and in big cities such as chicago or LA. the police probably does not have the man power to fight crime and post a lot of security on the streets.

I see what you are getting at andrei1997, but even some control would be better than none.
Police will never keep up with all criminals agreed, but that is no reason to remove them altogether.

I see your point and you are right. I just believe that it’s a much more complex social issue in the society today regarding parents and their kids don’t want to go into a long essay so I leave it at that.

Thanks Seany007,
Everyone’s views differ no doubt, some of which I don’t understand but I do respect and appreciate everyone’s input on this matter.

Here in the U.S., we have an agency called Child Protective Services that can impound the children of negligent/irresponsible owners.

Hi HeffeD,
We have similar here which is used for severe cases of abuse.

I am just thinking out loud here trying to come up with ideas for a little extra protection.
I guess if people do not want policing/banning/impounding of their personal devices, another way that might help is to add a mandatory information section about the use of mobile devices dangers and safety to prenatal classes.

If you’re talking about PSA’s I think that would be fine.


Impound? Owners? Really Heff. :wink:

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