Social Discord anyone?

I’m not sure how people will feel about this so I’m just putting it out here.

How would people feel about a socialising only Discord channel?

For those who don’t use it, Discord is a free live chat application (text/voice) that allows easy administration and is quite fun to use.

This would strictly not be for technical support or a channel for Comodo feedback either but more a security related space for people in the Comodo forums to socialise with each other?

All support, and Comodo product discussion would be kept on the forum as to not confuse anyone.

General security, news events, general chat and interests would however be supported.

I leave this for the Comodo community to discuss.

P.s. This would be for people already in the Forums as to avoid Trolls as best as possible.

Kind regards,


Some forums have a parallel IRC channel which I never visit. We have this board for more informal exchange of thoughts and ideas and it would be extra work for us to moderate.

Yep, could be a user moderated one instead?

One of the reasons I wouldn’t want any Product Related chatter. I fully understand you guys do a busy and stressful job and wouldn’t want to spread human resources thin. :slight_smile:

Also I was thinking the only thing forum mods would have to do is pin a post allowing users to submit their Discord name. Then anyone who wanted to help out on Discord would do the rest.

A platform like that regardless of the topics discussed needs moderation to make everybody play nicely with each other. If we were to deploy a separate channel we would need extra mods.

I agree, hint hint :smiley: