Soccer World Cup kicks off!!!

So far first 2 games have drawn…

Australia plays soon!!! Hope we win!!! :wink:

I suppose that, like France, Australia shall only win one thing: the right to go back home after the fisrt series.

:-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD

Australia were a better team 4 years ago. Their group however ain’t the hardest so with a bit of luck you’ll go through. Anyway let’s hope England do well.

No let’s not.

I could say at least were there! I will not resort to childish behaviour I’ll just reminisce about Ally’s army 78.

And for fairplay - YouTube

Ps Love the quotes & if we lose tonight I will expect barrage of abuse!

You won’t get any from me.

Though I will laugh at the TV commentators who think all England need to do is just turn up and they have the divine right to win.

Agree with you about the commentators. Anyway England or Scotland not my biggest issues in football the traversty of Liverpool is. Before any Man Utd fans start gloating you could be next.

I’ve been hearing about this “World Cup” stuff and thought it was football or something. I guess it is soccer…that’s nice. 88)

So eat chips, drink soda, sit around, tire & strain your eyes, get fat, and watch some people in South America [oops] Africa exercise. I’m so proud of you all.


Australia lost obviously… 4-0! Can’t believe it! Thats a flogging at such a level in Soccer. Unheard of. And our key player (Timmmyyy) Got sent off with a Red Card. Anyway we wouldn’t have won. Germany are too good. I put some money on Germany to win today. :slight_smile:


Go U.S.A. :-TU

Very nice World Cup Calendar:

Click to go to full screen then point at the outer circle for info on countries’ teams, dates of matches, grounds or even the groups.
Point at a date or team and see what is happening that day or when and who the team play next.


A player overheard coming off the pitch after the England v Algeria debacle:

"I can’t believe we only managed a draw against a sh*t team we should easily have beaten…

I’m ashamed to call myself Algerian"

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

England why bother!

Lucky it was only 4-1. Could have been an even bigger thrashing.

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I am sorry to see the demise of the DVLA Advanced Warning System whereby boy-racers, and trainee white-van-man drivers were forced to display at least one white flag with red warning cross on their vehicles to warn of their approach.

Fortunately the other warning system still appears to be in use to warn of their approach. The Regulation requiring that all windows of the vehicle must be wide open and the stereo must be thumping out the traditional BOOM…BOOM.BOOM…BOOM at full volume.

Worse than Allys army

A lot worse.

Look at all the multi-million pound superstars in the England team.
Then look at the opposition they struggled to beat in the group stage. One win against the mighty Slovenia, then humped by Germany.

Then look at Scotland in the Argentinian world cup.
Multi-million pound superstars in that team = we wish.
In the group stages lost 1, drew 1 and then beat Holland.

So worse? Yes by a country mile.

Who cares about some country or another (even ours?)

Former “big ones” are out: both last world champion and vice world champion (Italy and France in the first stage), now England in the following one.

The proverb says that “soccer is a game played by eleven guys and where at the end Germany always wins”.
Spain is not “at the top” at the time speaking, but who knows, and leaving some serious outsiders (Brazil, Argentina, why not Portugal).

Yet, some "emerging countries " and fine matches: Ghana, Australia… and even USA, whose girls team is current world champion, but from guys America still says they make a “■■■■■ sport”.

I don’t particularly like soccer, but these yankees, still lacking some technical skills but for how long, really showed us a superb men’s fighting spirit.

Of course, Italian, English and French only left the image of “poor little wealthy girl”, and the french “team” behavior (chewing gum when the anthem is played, insulting the coach and undergoing training strike) is becoming a national not only sportive but political tsunami.

Once the sound shut off not because of the vuvuzellas, but of, even worse then these players, the commentators themselves (one even managed to say along the first Ghana-Germany half-time that Germany didn’t find “the final solution”), these unacceptable events nevertheless shouldn’t lead to think (and, again, i am not a soccer fan) that soccer cannot be a real sport with some good emotions, including in this world championship.

Seen this in another forum and feel it must be shared. :a0

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