So yeah , i got problems ...

Hello all ,

I decided to join the forums and ask/help for help/give help to peaple , but atm , i NEED YOU

So you probally have heard about the cfp.dll thingy , but i can’t ( :s ) find a thread that explains it …
Sow , it says it ‘shuted down’ but eh , when i try to do things that i usally have to give permittion for to comodo , i can’t do them

So can annyone pleas help me uninstal / let it stop working in the background?

I also can’t uninstall using the installer / start remove or using the uninstaller

Thanks ,

Nobody wants to help me? 15 views and noone? :frowning:

Hallo lilspanyol.

Did you try system restore?
Thys way you could restore your system to a previous date and prevent this issue.
You can then uninstall CIS and install it again downloading the latest version from Free Firewall - Download the Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo