So who wants to see my girlfriend?

I will need ALOT off votes!

Thanks!!! & Even if 1 person votes NO, Then 80% chance off the pic not being shown!

Joshoooo 8)

Perhaps I should rip you guys all of and vote no 88)


■■■■ You! >:( >:( (:AGY) (:AGY) I burn you with my lightsaber…

On the other side, I want to see her. Than I can take her away from him as she is 16 ? 88)


■■■■ Paedophile! (:AGY) oh no that can’t be right… :THNK hmmm you are 16 years old too!..hmmm… you could make a great match!.. (:LOV)

ooh **** …Josh…can read this too… (:LGH)

the censore feature works fine alright! (:LGH)

If you’ll do that then we will (censored) and (censored) & (omg ! censored) and finally (Commodus is now near to a ban because he violated the censorship so much) you ;D

So Xan - Vote YES and only YES ! ;D

I voted NO 88) Because I am afraid your “girlfriend” is in fact Ganda ;D

Greetz, Red.

WTF? are you kidding me?? :o :o ■■■■! I thought GANDA is a male… ??? or is he a she? or is ganda and 3xist… :-* :-* :o NO! cant be! hmmmm… :THNK yep … I am confused… ??? (:NRD)

who votes for NO?!?!?!?!!! (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY)

@ Josh: while you’re busy creating a poll, i’m with her (:HUG) (:HUG) KEWL (:KWL) heartbreak hug (:HUG)

yeah, me too :THNK ;D

I like to cause agony (for some, like you) and see what happens on July 11, 2008, 11:06:35 AM (EST) when the result will be 50% | 50%.

:frowning: >:( … 50%-50% ??? then josh can show her GF half-top pic. i don’t need to see her leg…

lol Ganda, The Desperato

:frowning: Think again

You better watch out!!!

Definitely a NO NO.

Why do I even bother with you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I talk to my gf every day and see her every day… Don’t think she knows anyone called “Ganda”

I dunno…the legs reach an area I happen to like a lot. And nice legs are definately worth looking at.

C’mon man that ain’t nice… You don’t talk about someone’s girlfriend like that.


Josh I would very much like to see this girl that means so much to you.

i guess so, we have something called “respect”… (:HUG) and i respect everyone’s leg (:HUG)

and mean so much for me too ;D

what’s desperato btw (:NRD)

Need MORE votes and + comments…

i’ll make some new accounts for this :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote no. I prefer seeing girls that aren’t taken by someone. I don’t like stealing my friends girlfriend.

WTH !!! - the guys are all on brakes man ! (:SAD)