So where/how do you block specific websites?

Thank You!

Hi, I may be wrong but I don’t think CFP has this capability and you would use your browser or 3rd party software to do this. I haven’t found anything that suggests CFP can do this but maybe a future plugin.



The post below describes how you may block websites by their url:
Blocking Websites


If you have a good router, you can use that or you can use your system’s own “host” file which can tell which ip got what dns. On the xp pro systems you can find this file at the following path: %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (without extension). You can edit it with the simple notepad.
The basic example tell you that if you type in “localhost” (fe. instead of then the browser will redirrect the computer to You can also write there with this sample number then the url will take you to