So what's the deal with VirtualBox?

I read this info in a post:

“[…] as CIS does not work reliably when VirtualBox is installed.”

and I’d like to know what exactly can go wrong? I searched the forum for any previous topics on this but didn’t find much.
I do know that installing (or updating) VirtualBox ■■■■■■■ ZoneAlarm’s ability to stealth ports… (clean uninstall of ZA, and its reinstall afterwards, would solve the issue – until the next VirtualBox update, that is).

It has or had issues with CIS in combination with Vectored Exception Handling
Though I’m not sure if this is still valid for the latest release of virtualbox.

So if they both work now, ideally they should not break after the next update? ;D I think ZA issue was connected to VirtualBox installing the host-only adapter.

If I’m not mistaken, your answer relates to CIS running in VirtualBox.

And if I understand the OP wants to know if by just installing VirtualBox on the PC it will lessen the protection provided by CIS on the real machine. Personally I run VirtualBox with CIS on the host and haven’t noticed that CIS behaves differently than without VirtualBox installed.

Yes this relates to the protection CIS can provide if it’s installed on a VirtualBox Guest OS.

Thanks for the clarification.