So what's the deal with Softpedia and CIS

WTH is going on with this? Why do they keep flaming on CIS and stating stuff that will change peoples option to use it? I think CIS is awesome and the toolbar and home page default things are not required they are just selected by default for our protection. Plus, they show a screenshot of askBarsetup.exe downloaded from them, but as ive seen on many AV and spyware detectors they find askBar stuff as bad and ive seen mass popups from it’s use. What is or will be done about this? If anything?

Comodo Software Removed from Softpedia [UPDATE 3]

Hi FFKefka77.

Thank you for your sentiments, believe me, we all feel the same way. However, this has been discussed to death here and elsewhere. I would ask you kindly, to use the search option to find other threads of similar content.

For now I will lock this. Please PM me or another Mod if you wish it reopened.

Thank you

Thank you, Toggie.