So what exactly is Firewalking and isnt it illegal?

A friend got a notice about downloading torrents from his internet subscriber saying that he has been downloading torrents and that they will fine and turn off the service if it isn’t stopped immediately. He said that he doesn’t use torrent downloaders and when I looked around my area for wireless I found his as unsecured. So apparently someone is using his internet for free access to download ■■■■. I told him when he gets home I will secure his wireless so that no one can access it without adding the MAC and correct password. Someone said that the company was Firewalking on his network to find out number of pcs and such. Isn’t that illegal like an invasion of privacy and when I tried searching for this all google gives is barefoot firewalking and some Firewalking for ACLs and firewall tests.

I’m just curious, any info on this would be awesome and if it is good for testing ACLs and firewalls for servers and such how could I go about doing this? And is there any way to protect against it?

That’s not illegal.
Because, ISP can monitor all of activities on their internet line.
(even packet capture-sniffing)
Also if there are suspicious activities that against the law, they can caupture the packets.
They can cancel or block your Internet connection. If you download illegal softwares, movies something like that
, the software companies can make a legal action against your ISP.
Also ISP has a responsibility to against illegal activities by law.
That’s why ISP does that.

Is using torrent against the rules of the ISP then ?
P2P is not illegal as long as you don’t download the “wrong” stuff.
Was he going over some sort of download limit ? and did they warn for that ?
Did he call the ISP to verify that email ? or did someone send a practical joke on him ?

Let me explain little bit about P2P with some bad ISPs.

Yes, actually torrent is not illegal as you know.

But If you download legal stuffs with torrent, it can be illegal by ISP.
ISP can cancel or block your internet connection followed by their terms and conditions.
It depands on ISP.
Some bad ISPs think torrent makes tons of traffic.
Also some people are still having problem with it.
Especially, small ISP does that a lot.
If there are too many users on same area and line with limited capacity,
big companies do the same thing.
What a bad…

But his problem is some people use a friend of him.
He needs to configure the friend’s system.
I think he can do it by himself.

But If you download legal stuffs with torrent, it can be illegal by ISP.

How can it be illegal do download legal torrents, a Linux distro, for example. What you’re referring to is traffic shaping, which some ISP’s have, unfortunately, resorted to. As it stands right now, the restrictions imposed by ISPs can, to some extent, be overcome by using IPv6. This will likely change.

IPv6 can only take care of IP distributions. It’s not related with traffic.
But ISP don’t like to use IPv6.
Because they have to change almost all equipments to do so.
That’s why they don’t want to do that.
They want to gain big money with small investments.
What a bad ISP.
This is just same as some ISP get the money per packet.
In case of Australia, it’s a big isuue. Because people should pay a lot of money for their internet.
There is some people who from Australia in this forum.
Australia’s ISPs cheat people and take a lot of money.
Some countries have same problem with this stupid policy.
Don’t use bad ISP if you have more choices for ISPs.

In case of my ISP, I love them.
Cheap price, unlimited.
with 100mb/100mb speed.
How nice?
Also they will change the speed to 1Gb/1Gb from next year. :-TU

I see the same moves here in Holland for some providers, but what the heck do you need 100Mb let alone 1Gb internet access for at home ? Those are commercially driven products if you ask me. Those providers are killing Internet backbones with commercially driven decisions.

IPv6 can only take care of IP distributions. It's not related with traffic.

Apologies, I have no idea what that means?

But ISP don't like to use IPv6. Because they have to change almost all equipments to do so.

Think Teredo or 6to4…

I don’t know about Holland’s internet connection.
In case of our area, we use IPTV, IP Phone, IP Media system all over the country.
When we want to watch HD TV and Bluray, HD media via the internet, we need 1gb connection.
That’s why they provide us 1GB/1GB with same price as 100mb/100mb.
Do you know how much money pay for unlimited internet connection here?
(we don’t have any packet rule stuffs)
100mb/100mb, 1GB/1GB: price is same.
Only $16 per month.

IPv6 is not related with internet traffic.

IPv6 is the next generation IP addressing scheme.
Now, there are only 1190000000(27.8%) IP4v addresses left to distribute in the world.
Many countries need more IP addresses to use their computers and other things.
So now a days, a lot of countries expect that there will be no more IPv4 addresses
to distribute from year 2011~2013.

That’s the reason why IPv6 exists.
Also if we use IPv6 we can give IP address to TV, DVD player, Audio system,
refrigerator, washing machines, picture frames, doors etc.
What do we call it?
What we call Ubiquitous.
There are some countries where are preparing for IPv6 by the law.
In case of our area, we can turn on, off TV, refrigerator, washing machines stuffs via internet and
Also we can watch your children via the CCTV(connected on internet) if you have children.
You can register GPS system for your children.
GPS system+internet+CCTV.
And we can watch people who are move around your home area via internet.
Nice huh?

Think Teredo or 6to4...

Those services are not suitable for ISP.
That’s only temporary services before providing real IPv6 services for the future.
Real IPv6 system is required to change the equipments from Backbone to end.

Duh, that’s like for free, wish they offered that here :wink:
I’d almost say “what’s the trick behind this…”

There is one more thing you will surprise.
There is a competition between ISPs.
If you choose and register any ISP for 1 year~3years.
ISP gives you $100~$300 right away.
If you choose and register Internet+IPTV+IP Phone together for 1 year~3years.
ISP gives you $350~$1250 cash right away for a gift.

They can sell nice and more contents. And then they can get more money.

Good tactics.

That's the reason why IPv6 exists.

Thank you, I’m well aware of what IPv6 is!

Those services are not suitable for ISP.

It appears, however, you are not!

Let me explain how and why use it.
The actual purpose of using 6to4,Teredo is the temporary tunneling services
on testing line.

1.6to4 tunneling:

It supports automatic tunneling with outisde of IPv6 network as being
address a single IPv6 prefix which has the form of 2002:IPv4 address::/48
to IPv6 only websites that has more than 1 IPv4 address.
It means it’s not the pure IPv6 system.
As a result of that addressing, those IPv6 adresses are isolated,
they can’t connect the other sites and hosts.
So, ‘6to4’ makes the isolated IPv6 sites and hosts can communicate
to the other IPv6 domains and hosts with automatic tunneling system.

IPv4 to IPv6 tech had been developed, sevral years ago, but there was
no other way to use it in the private network of the inside NAT.
But oneday, Microsoft had suggested ‘Teredo’ which
was brand new IPv4 to IPv6 tunneling(exchange) system under Windows XP SP1,SP2+
‘Advanced Networking Pack’ environment.
So, people who belong to the private network in the NAT can use IPv6.
Teredo is IPv4 to IPv6 tunneling tech which uses UDP tunneling tech.
So, people who are using routers in the home and small office can use
IPv6 services.

There are some problems with those virtual IPv6 systems.
Sometimes,when people can be connected with IPv4 even if there is IPv6 address.
Because in case of Teredo tunneling, Teredo tries to connect IPv4/IPv6 dual stack websites.
Also sometimes, Teredo address is disappeared because of the network impediment.
When it happens we need to recover it.

Both 6to4 and Teredo are not the Pure IPv6 system but the virtual IPv6 system.

In the real world?

Visit following websites instead of you linked please.
You will see what real world do,how and what other countires are preparing for Pure IPv6
,other countires are doing for Pure IPv6.

Real IPv6 world organization.

The world doesn’t want to play with toys Teredo, 6to4.

The world wants to play with Pure IPv6 with real IPv6 equipments.

Thank you, as I said before, I do know what IPv6 is and how it works. I’ve been using Sixxs as a tunnel broker for quite some time.

Regardless, the point has nothing to do with the current status of IPv6 deployment.

You made this commentP:

Some bad ISPs think torrent makes tons of traffic.

I replied with:

What you're referring to is traffic shaping, which some ISP's have, unfortunately, resorted to. As it stands right now, the restrictions imposed by ISPs can, to some extent, be overcome by using IPv6.

The fact is, torrent users can and do use IPv6 tunnels as a work around to traffic shaping. There are also a number of native IPv6 trackers that can be used, which also, at least for the present, bypass traffic shaping.

Dirty ISPs always say that ‘p2p make lots of traffic’.
Because, they don’t want to spend more money to improve network.
They want make more money with old network lines and equipments.
So they always point public people as a traffic criminal.
That’s why I said like that.
Actually, they can handle the traffic.
But they want to have more and more customers on limited Bandwidth.

Dirty ISP’s dirty Magics and truth.

1.When customers make a phone call if they have problem with low downloading uploading speed:
They make the speed increased temporally. And then a few days later, customer’s
internet speed goes down again. They changes the speed to low again.

2.When customers use P2P alot, they monitor traffic for a while. And then
they limit the speed to low.

3.when customers use routers for the home computers, they can trace the routers.
And then they limit the speed to low.

4.When customers use routers for the home computer, they trace the routers.
And then they impose more money per PC.

Sometimes, they warn about above.
Sometimes, they just limit the speed without warning.

Because sometimes P2P traffic can have a detrimental effect on other non-P2P users.

Several ISPs in Australia and NZ do monitor for excessive P2P traffic and throttle accordingly, but this is only done if the user consistently and repeatedly breaches the “Fair Use” policy and generally only if they have already been warned.

P2P is like most things, good - right up until it gets abused.

What a charm :smiley: …Currently my ISP guarded itself from own subscribers’ complains by one rather cynical ;D approach:
ISP advertises its own subscriptions in the following way:
subscription #1 - download speed up to 1mb/s, upload speed up to 512 kb/s;
subscription #2 - different values with “up to” addition ;D

So if one dissatisfied customer phones them and complain on internet speed, they probably tell “wait a minute, you have been warned that speed is up to…” (if speed is 256 kb/s instead of 1mb/s, it is still qualify finely for “up to” wording of ISP ;D).

P.S.: Nevertheless i like quality of service my ISP provides :slight_smile:

;D ;D ;D
You know exactly! :-TU
‘up to’ is their special weapon.
They can take care of anybody and situations with ‘up to’.

;D ;D

ISP: Hello. this is HDI(Horrible Dirty ISP). How can I help you sir?
customer: my internet speed is getting slow. what’s going on?
ISP: how’s your speed?
customer: 256kb something. But you said you guarantee 1mb, don’t you?
ISP: yes sir. we guarantee ‘up to’ 1mb.
customer: but why do I have only 256kb something?
ISP: because we guarantee ‘up to’ 1mb.
customer: so you mean I can have 1mb?
ISP:absolutely sir. you can have ‘up to’ 1mb.
customer: but why do I have only 256kb something then?
ISP: because we guarantee ‘up to’ 1mb.
customer: are you a parrot something? why do you repeat the same answer?
ISP: Thanks you sir. If you have any further questions please call again.
customer: hello?

ISP: Hello. this is HDI(Horrible Dirty ISP). How can I help you sir?
customer2: my speed…
ISP: ‘up to’…