so.... The fun just never stops.... [Solved]

Has anyone heard of the windows xp service pack 3 error? I need some information on how to fix it because it happened to me… Ugh I hate my computer … I recently reinstalled OS and I get all the updates and all is well until I receive the service pack 3 one and then bam it says there’s an error …

And now svchost.exe runs at 99 usage of pc along with like 100k memory use… Someone please help ugh…

System restore to SP2, uninstall all security software and try again??? :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of error? Without a description or screenshot, it’ll be too vague to troubleshoot. M$ recommends that security software be disabled during installation. As a FYI, the best way to install SP3 is to slipstream it. I used nLite do it all of it.

Why don’t you just download a XP SP3 Torrent and stick your product key in it?

I retried and it worked :slight_smile: thanks I just had to disable my security software and it worked