So secure I can leave my PC on and connected 24/7

Hey guys, my goal with both my software and soon to be hardware firewall router is to get my PC security up to a level in which I can comfortably leave the thing online 24/7.

Keep in mind, I do no “questionable” surfing anymore due to a recent and awful experience that I’m still fearful over.

But I would like to hear an opinion on whether or not being safe and leaving a computer on/connected 24/7 is achievable?

I’d be using Comodo v.3 obviously for the software firewall.

AVG free for anti-virus

Spybot SD, Malware Bytes, Windows Defender and Super Anti Spyware for spyware protection (Not all running at once).

And this router: D-Link DGL-4100. It has an SPI and NAT firewall within it as well.

What do you think? Possible?

Dump AVG, Dump Spybot and Windows Defender.
Pick Avira 8 or Avast 4.8

With a router correctly configured and Comodo’s CFP 3 you will be fully protected :-TU

IMHO :wink:

P.S. Spybot is ineffective, AVG is not so good as Avira or Avast, and Windows Defender is crap.

I think alot of people have their internet on 24/7… My router probably has dust on the Ethernet cable that has never been unplugged from my PC. lol
Personally I’d feel safe with just Comodo, + I also have a hardware firewall as a bonus

I agree with Commodus although he wants to sleep with his sister. I have a 2Wire Gateway DSL modem with a hardware firewall built in and its on full stealth. I can pass the Shields Up with n o software firewall. I use Comodo for the HIPS maninly. I do surf all sites and never been infected. Be sure your hardware firewall is fully stealthed. A good av like Avast or Avira Premium 8 goes along with Comodo very well. Use SAS and MBAM for on demand spyware scanners. BTW I rarely turn my pc off.

The Stealth doesn’t mean anything. Stealth was (and still is) a myth first used by ZoneAlarm to sell it’s products. All you need to do is to have your ports closed and you’re safe :slight_smile:

P.S. Vett - you haven’t seen my sister. You would want to sleep with her too ;D

You will never be 100% safe,unless you disconnect from the net,if someone is really out to get you if they have access to the right stuff and the knowledge of how to use it they will.
All you can do is make it as tough as possible so any casual look out`s will pass you by.

“Stealth” does NOT make your protection toughter. :slight_smile: It just causes problems :frowning:

The question being asked is if he can leave his COMPUTER on 24/7. Yes, You can leave you router on 24/7, & your computer on 24/7.

As others posted, Yes. Spybot is past it’s prime. Replace it with SUPERAntispyware. Then choose Avira or Avast. You’re then good to go! :slight_smile:


Right on, who am I to argue with people who know more about this than I, so I dump windows defender, spybot, and AVG and pick up Avira or AVAST! it…let’s go!

Looks like a nice piece of kit.When you get it go into the menu for a bit to see what all the defaults are and make sure you change the password.

This might be a bit of an odd question…but its bugging me. Assuming there is no spyware/viruses on a computer, can a hacker hack into it when it is turned off?

When a computer is turned off ? ;D NO !!! :smiley:

Lol google it! People say its possible! I guess that is the flaw in googling anything…no matter what it is it has happened to somebody and is possible…

I saw some day dead Zombie PC walking in my room ~shiver~ it was very scary

For total protection–unplug–the network connection and the AC from the wall.



At I read that in January 2008 Avira AntiVir was rated 6.5 out of 8 in tests for detection and removal of rootkits and 71% for proactive virus detection by Anti-Malware Test Lab. Also it received "poor results for infection treatment and it failed the self-protection test.

71 % is very good :slight_smile: And you don’t need removal capabilities if the AV can stop malware on-sight :slight_smile:

don’t forget to uplug the cpu of the mobo, the HD and the RAM, then u’ll be safe :slight_smile:

can you run more the one antispyware and is this program free SUPERAntispyware? thanks