so much for online security

For those of you who can read Dutch

In May and June the Russian Mafia (probably them) plundered 15 internet bank accounts with three Belgian banks, like they did with Swedish accounts in January. After this happened the banks updated\modified their security.

online security is like Airport security pre 911 I am afraid…
as we get hit, we increase the security!


So now those banks need to update/modify their new security, but then this may result in a next accounts plunder… :frowning:

now this is a case of u cant control ur own fate (or money? fate may b 2 serious)

That’s what I was thinking. You can try to protect your own PC as much as possible, be careful with what you do on-line and still you’re dependant on what others do (or don’t do, as in this case).

so there are really “swordfish” mafia in this world.

exactly… You know somebody is up to something, you pretend you never heard of them,
don’t do anything to stop them and then pretend to be surprised when they hit you …