So it ends for me here :)

Well, as I have done in many of the forums I’ve joined and (seriously) interacted with, this month came the time for me to review Comodo forums to decide whether or not time has come for me to leave. While I don’t usually do this in other forums, I wish to say my good-bye and thanks to the members, especially those who have helped me through; I owe a lot to the Comodo forums much of what I’ve learned that it is rather disappointing that the recommendation I reached at the end of my review was that I leave.

The journey most certainly has been enjoyable. Thank you all, and have a nice day.

Sorry to see you go, may your journey be filled with joy and happiness :slight_smile:


It’s like me and the facebook. The maximum I stay away from it is a week LOL! Don’t go as the fun only begins with CIS version 6 :slight_smile: You can’t miss out mate :slight_smile:

Hi spainach_12,
Sad to see you leave, we all have to follow what life gives. :frowning:
Thanks for your support and all the best to you for whatever the future brings. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interesting post about USB’s and autorun infections
I wish there would be more of that kind

Sorry to see you go :frowning:

Hi spainach_12,

No way <— click ;D

Sure, participating in any forum takes time… and this forum is huge
I know that you are not using Comodo at the moment, but anyway your inputs were always valuable & appreciated
So we are expecting that you will jump in now and then

Take care, man & all best wishes for you from here