V4 ready

I am really anxious to upgrade to V4 but after hearing all the horrible things about it I want to wait for it to get fixed. Any idea when it will be “good” or are the stories exaggerated?

what horrible story? ;D
i was using CIS 3 and didn’t bother to upgrade to V.4 until i upgraded my OS to windows 7.
the only horrible thing is i have to download hundreds of MB using slow/snail like internet connection to install CIS 4 ;D

works fine here on win7 pro :-TU
how about creating restore point before you install CIS so you can revert to previous state just in case things go wrong :-La

There are bugs (as with all new software) and some are annoying but it’s certainly not “horrible”. It’s really more of a personal decision when (or if) to upgrade but don’t worry about it being junk, it’s stable. :-TU

Define “ready”

Shortly after the release of v4 two users blew up a problem way out of proportion and started posting broad and sweeping statements all over the forums suggesting the new v4 would not be secure.

The problem that was found will be fixed of course.