So I decided to give version 6 another go...

I tried version 6 when it first came out and hated it, it ran really sluggish, sometimes completly freezing up my pc and I thought the gui was horrible and all in it wasnt a patch on version 5. I decided to give the latest version of 6.3 another go a few days ago and I see it has come a long way. The gui seems loads better, infact I perhaps prefer it to version 5. It also seems to run about 90% as fast as version 5 did which is a big improvement over how it used to run. Great work guys all round.

I have a couple of questions about 6.3:

I installed a game called left for dead through steam yesterday and the sandbox said it was unrecognised so it decided to run it in the sandbox partially limited. Do games tend to run without problems ok in this mode? I noticed the online help files say that restricted mode might be unsuitable for most games. Also even if it is running fine, is there much of a performance hit for playing modern 3D games while having them partially sandboxed?

Also when I go into advanced settings, unrecognised files I see 3 files, one of which is the left4dead.exe Everytime I try to submit any of the files the upload fails:

Failed: (0x80070002) - the system cannot find the file specified.

any idea why that is?

It’s an issue with CIS or… well with the servers or something, either way Comodo is working on fixing it.

I’ve noticed many if not most games are unrecognized by CIS, personally I just add these to the trusted files myself.

I haven’t seen a game be unrecognized yet, especially not one from Steam. I just installed Path of Exile with no problems. You should manually add the game’s main .exe to Trusted Files. It will most likely run better that way. Also, for me at least, CIS6 runs every bit as fast as 5 did. I was using 5.12 on the XP machine and upgraded it to 6 with no noticeable difference in performance. That machine is now running the 32 bit version of Windows 8.1 and not having any issues.

I just got Rust on steam and it was unrecognized. However its in alpha and changes constantly, so seeing sandbox popups on new builds is common.

With alpha this can be expected. They may not be signed.