So, how does the new file list works?

It seems like a combination of trusted and unrecognized lists from previous version. And with added ability to set user rating to files, that seems to override comodo’s rating. There is a “Reset comodo info” button on some files’ overview tab, that (seemingly) doesn’t do anything when you press it, at least there is no message.

Since there is no more “purge button”, the list will contain many entries that doesn’t exist overtime, so I’d like to ask does the list’s size affect the performance in any way?

Also, why keep entries for files that doesn’t exist? I know someone said that file list is more of a database now, but what information is kept there (aside from info you see on the 2 tabs)? And how in the world would that be useful, unless you’re planing on re-installing older version of a software, or re-installing a game you once removed (for example)?

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For overriding cloud detection for programs/vendors you individually distrust. If their not kept in the list the cloud detection takes precedence. And since its a sql lite database, growth should be negligible, at least until you get something the size of an amazon database.