So how do I uninstall a suspicious browser helper object or ActiveX control?

I’m browsing with IE and wondering what does browser helper object mean?
They are a type listed in IE add on list, the other types being ActiveX control and browser extension.

I asked because I suspected a browser helper object to be a malware. It’s not listing its publisher and I do not know how it got there. The other things listed are known to me. IThe name of the suspicious browser helper object is FDMIECookiesBHO Class. I’ve disabled it but would like to delete it altogether but I can’t.

Since noticing this I’ve installed spywareblaster which protects IE from malicious ActiveX installation as well as tracking cookies.

why does even though IE provided the button to have these objects uninstalled, there are many of them which won’t allow themselves to be uninstalled through IE provided the interface. The button was greyed out in most of these objects.

So how do I uninstall a suspicious browser helper object or any suspicious ActiveX control which won’t allow itself to be unistalled through IE interface?

One more do superantispyware and malware bytes still work in Vista because one seemed to be detecting a lot of tracking cookies in my PC that even after it asked for a reboot after a full scan were still detecting them again and again. The other seemed to detect a hijacked setting which prevent me from changing my ActiveX files but I figured this was the work of spywareblaster protection and even though malware bytes reported to have successfully deleted the malicous file it was still being detected again after reboot. The tracking cookies were only cleaned after I delete them through IE interface. The firsts scan were done in safe mode btw.

Hi Michael Withstand :slight_smile:

Try to remove the object from the map C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files

Greetz, Red.

Select Tools->Manage Add-ons. You may be able to locate the plugin from this screen.
From here you can disable it.

I am sorry, I was too fast with my answer :-[ C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files is only for downloaded ActiveX objects, not BHO’s.

You can fix BHO’s also by using HijackThis, using this tutorial :

And the BHO you should fix will be an O2 item looking like this :

O2 - BHO: FDMIECookiesBHO Class - …

Greetz, Red.

Thanks Red, now I can really appreciate HijackThis
It’s vanguished. :BNC Hijack that!

Hmm will give spybot a try.

The hijacker is buried in my backyard upside down vertically (:AGY) so I don’t mind …anymore. I planted a mango tree there on the spot so in time I shall eat from the fruit of my vengeance. I’m going to prove that revenge is definitely sweet. lol

Edit: Spybot Search and destroy found another spyware registry. Doh. This time I’m going to plant an orange tree.

Did that thanks