So... how are you supposed to run files in kiosk that are not on desktop?

There are no “My computer” or windows explorer buttons, so let’s say if I want to test that file I downloaded earlier (on real system) to let’s say D:\1 folder… apart from copying it to desktop, how can I get to it from within kiosk? … Or maybe you’re not supposed to?

Also, kiosk mode (tablet \ classic) resets to “tablet” when you reset the sandbox, maybe it supposed to, but I thought it would be better if it remembered that one setting.

put the file in the share folder or desktop. You are really not supposed to access all of the computer from kiosk. But there are other ways you can do what you want.

Quickest solutions

  • Run program virtualised from main CIS interface - this gives an option to add a Kiosk link
  • Type C:\ in browser and navigate to Program files folder and double click on executable. Program will run in browser context which may not be desirable.

Simple but good solution. Create a folder on you desktop called Kiosk links, and place in it:

  • Either: shortcuts to the executables of any program you want to run
  • Or: links to Program Files (x86) and Program Files

Best long term solution? (assuming Win7/8): make your own start menu

[ol]- Create a library, call it KioskStart

  • Add to the library the following folders:

[li]users ~ ~ start menu ~ programs

  • users ~ ~ start menu ~ programs
  • users ~ ~ start menu ~ programs
  • you may need to change security permissions on these folders to do this
  • right click in library and set group by=none, sort by = name.
  • make shortcut to library on desktop call it KioskStart[/ol]

so what is shared space for?

it is a connection between kiosk and your normal desktop. You can put files in there and access them from both locations.

or you can open the web browser, in the address bar type the letter of your drive say E: and press enter and u can easily navigate to your file folder etc :wink: