So Far So Good

I have only just started to use COMODO after reading reviews and finding that my experiences with AVG and Zone Alarm Free editions were deteriorating rapidly.

I installed the free firewall and anti-virus on a client’s home computer which was infested with various viruses and malware not prevented by Zone Alarm or dealt with by AVG.

COMODO seemed to efficiently deal with malware issues preventing a clean boot, identified more malware and virus issues and then dealt with them by actually doing something and not just sending them to an insecure vault after they had done damage as with AVG.

I now have COMODO on my own desktop and hope it is as efficient. Scanning does appear to be resource hungry, but I will wait and see how things develop.

The interface is very easy to use and comprehensive.

There are so many variables with individual computers that software does not always run the same on one system as it does on another.

I appreciate that free security software like COMODO is available and hope to be able to rely on it.

I will update this post as I have more experience of the software.



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