So far so good, looks like its going to be a keeper :p

Howdy, I have been in the market for a good solid all-in-one system utility and I think I have found what I am after. I spent many months since around the begining of 2008 actaully to find a reasonable utility to cover what I was looking for & I have tried many free & paid that just did things to my PC that didn’t make me happy at all. I am a huge MMORPG player and have a couple three on-line I play and a couple three I play off-line also and really need the best protection that “doesn’t” effect my play time and pretty much CIS did it right out of the box with no configuration what so ever that is a huge plus for me.

I recently used bitdefender’s gamer-safe which is a really nice utility for what it does but that killed my PC twice with corrupted system/game files and two formats later maybe it was just the way my PC was set up and all. Others gave a huge amount of false positives and some were more then a hassle then others, I just need something to do its job “solo” and tell me when there is an issue. BTW CIS scan was so smooth I had no idea it was running in the background when I was playing World of Warcraft there was no stutters or anything (compared to other scanners) like that and the only reason I noticed it is when I logged out for lunch and scan window was on the bottom left above the start bar :stuck_out_tongue:

SO all is going well for the past 5 days and I am running it a full 30+ days just like I did all the others I tried, that is really the only way to see if these tools are ment for you and your system is by going the long haul then decide from there.

Thanks for a great tool.

That’s good to hear :slight_smile:
FYI comodo is constantly constantly improving it’s programs by quality. V4 is going to have a brand new UI ( user interface) and comodo is constantly looking at ways to make CIS more user friendly yet still offering the same protection. If your interested of being apart of ths project you can join the usability study group (just PM Melih).

Apart from that, Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here and don’t be afriad to ask any questions.