So far so good, but...

Everything is running fine on my PC with the latest version of Comodo and Avast Home, but I was hoping to get a little reassurance that for a novice like myself having CPF on board will be safe to use. I have Clean PC Mode and Train with Safe Mode enabled and don’t want anything to go wrong with my Computer. It seems like a lot of processes are being detected and it is a bit intimidating. Again just looking for a little reassurance that all will be well, and any replies are welcomed.

Train with Safe Mode” for Defense+ is the best option, Because if you know an applicaton that is safe, All you have to do when the Defense+ Alert comes up is click “Trusted Application” and you should not see an alert for that particular application again.

It has worked for me!


Thanks Josh123, much appreciated. I only worry because of some the posts I see in here, and the fact of how extensive the CPF protection is. I have been reading the help files though, and feel a little less intimidated now.