So does sync backup work with network drives?

I thought I saw this listed as a bug in a search that I performed about a month ago, but I cannot find it now to confirm.

Does the synchronized backup type work if the destination is a mapped network drive? As far as I can tell, it does not, but I wanted to try and get some feedback from Comodo.

In this version, sync to a mapped network drive doesn’t work.


Is this going to be included in the next version? If so, is there a release date scheduled?

Sync to mapped network drive is not included in this version (3.0)
We will fix this in the next release, but there isn’t a release date set.

Just checking back. Any new info on this feature or the timeline?

This issue will be fixed in next release. A BETA will be out very soon.


Where can one download a beta version?

here in the forums once its released

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