So Comodo stopped letting users customize FW rules?

I just got a new PC and i installed the latest Comodo IS…

Coming from the 2011 CIS version, this new version really sucks hard… it seems comodo crippled a lot of features on their new FREE version software… and specially w/ the firewall rules not being customizable anymore…

i uninstalled it and now looking for a different solution… unless i missed something here…

or , i could go ahead and reinstall my 2011 copy of CIS.

Some people love CIS 6, and some hate it. Regardless of opinion, it’s still possible to craft your own firewall rules.

  1. Open CIS
  2. Select Tasks\Firewall Tasks\Open Advanced Settings\Firewall Settings

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wow that task button was illusive… i see the options now…
thanks a bunch.

I agree, the first time I tried the program it took me around 10 minutes to even see the “Tasks” button, and I mean 10 minutes of looking for the settings. But after that everything got clearer and clearer, still I find the 5.10/5.12 interface to be more pleasing to the eye.

the new rules editor is a pain
how to move rules up and down by drag and drop? not possible any more
the new design is confusing but also conection overview is now hidden in this new resource hungry taskmanager
the new update function counts always up to 5% and then returns a failure message instead of “no new update”
since i uninstalled version 6 and reinstalled version 5 my PC is booting quick again and also shuting down quick again, also while working the PC is now again quick
i had problems with the firewall v6 on 3 PC’s … to be honest i did also only install it on 3 PCs
all PCs use windows 7, avira, hostsman & hostsserv and a wireless conection
all PCs are drasticaly slower with v6, all users are confused about the new design, and all users did loose a bit of trust in comodo
i use comodo since years and recomented it to many people, but the new version is a pain, people ask now if they are secure with the v5 version or if there is a other firewall that does not slowdown the PC
i my self ask for a better rules editor, less resource waste, and a zone/rules import function
i dont use comodo AV, only firewall and defense+
i hope comodo will return to the old clear understandable and useful design, instead of this i-Phone like waste-design, at least they should let the users choose (as winamp is doing with theyr classic/new designs)
and i hope comodo will come up soon with a working v7

wow you spoke of a lot of my pains w/ the new version. hehe.

im wondering what is there to say that’s good about the new version?

to be honest im coming from 2011 CIS premium and for me that was way way better…

oh and huh? you can’t import whitelist/fw rules into comoddo anymore on v6?

V6 is causing me major startup issues on the CUSTOM ruleset setting. but it’s pretty quick on the safemode…

i’ve not tried v5… is that same as 2011 version? where’s the installer? i think i want that… or try another suite from another company… :frowning: zone alarm?

I like CIS 6 for the most part. It has made it harder to find those advanced settings, but I just Right clicked on it and added it to the task bar so I didn’t have to do as much clicking.

If you take a look around the forums, you’ll find plenty of people are unhappy with version 6. Basically, if all you want to do is install it and forget it, it will probably be great. Unfortunately, if you want to do anything with it, it’s horrible.

oh and huh? you can't import whitelist/fw rules into comoddo anymore on v6?

You can still import/export configurations.

V6 is causing me major startup issues on the CUSTOM ruleset setting. but it's pretty quick on the safemode..


i've not tried v5.. is that same as 2011 version? where's the installer? i think i want that.. or try another suite from another company.. :( zone alarm?

If the version you have is from 2011 it’s probably something like 5.9. You can get all the old versions from:

Filehippo - select Filehippo Mirror
32 Bit - Comodo Internet Security 5.12.256249 (32-bit) Download
64.bit - Comodo Internet Security 5.12.256249 (64-bit) Download

thanks for the feedbacks guys…

im gona try and survive C6 for now… but im heavily thinking of moving back or away… i notice such sluggish performance on my new PC

i7 Ivy Bridge 3770K
16GB Performance Ram
Corsair Sandforce SSD
Maximus V Formula

my apps start up so slow…
i’ve went through several days and reboots already hoping comodo has cached things already in hopes for faster performance on my PC … but it seems Comodo “holds on” to processes a lil bit too long for comfort :frowning:

I don’ t have the most current hardware but i don’t have any sluggishness on my two quad cores.
Have you defragged with perfect disk? Something doesn’t sound right that you can actually say it’s sluggishness with such a high end computer. Built in defragger in windows is a joke compared to windows defrag.

im on a brand new 1 week old SSD … and while my other HDDs may be fragmented, i can tell the difference… there are times that the app/folder just pauses for a painful 5-10 seconds …

like when opennig a folder filled w/ video files… but sometimes on the same folder it doesnt happen.

but when i turn realtime AV off, i get none of that… everything’s snappy. adobe apps open in less than 3 seconds…

I and others reported the same issues using a variety of hardware. For me this included my i7, with and without an SSD. I found CIS 2708 better but it became impossible to use after a few days. I posted a bug for it:

CIS UI appears to sleep if not accessed regularly [M260] [V6]