so... any girls yet?

hi guys, remember me? ;D
just checking the forum, see what’s what. nothing’s changed i guess? how’s everyone doing? :smiley:

Welcome back G - :wink:

Remove that creepy smiley in your signature and some girls might have the courage to show themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ganda. Welcome back.

Hey Ganda. Good to hear from you again. Still not many girls around here. Technology is the wrong corner when looking for them…

No, I guess you’ll have to remind everyone and re-earn your reputation. >:-D

You should probably lurk around some those suggestive anime forums, ganda. ;D
Apparently, Technology lacks allure as far as girls are concerned. :cry: >:(

What’s been happening in your corner of the world?

Indeed. :-TU :slight_smile:

Wanna pick up moderating again?

Holy Smokes it’s Ganda :o

Dance, Dance, How have you been?

Holy Smokes and another long lost mod returns? Is it full moon or something? ;D

Hi Ganda,
Girls, probably more here than we all realise. :wink:

Only from reading Forum history. :slight_smile:

Oh boy! Ganda is back!!!

Welcome – you cheeky-tricky you! :slight_smile:

Who wouldn’t remember ??? All veterans are glad to hear from you again, beloved PropaGanda … hehe

Girls? Are you still missing them? (rhetorical question)

This is Ganda’s return
Try to be quiet, and wait for your turn
Start fighting and scratching and roaring
This forum is saved from being terribly boring!
He’s wearing nothing – just leaf of a fig
Search… find quickly your finest wig
Are screaming: “Hosannah! Oh Lord!”
Ganda is back with his big… sword of Mod

Welcome back, my friend (attached)


[attachment deleted by admin]

Oh god. How could I ever forget that convo or the whole thread for that mattter? :-TU

aaaaw, such warm welcome :smiley: hug? ;D

ok, how about this one?

nothing. same old stuff, working, playing video games… stalking gurls 88)

a couple days ago a co-worker’s usb drive got a virus, a trojan something, didn’t bother to check the virus’ name. it hid all the files & replaced them with a lot of shortcut icons. so i was like, “hey i got CIS installed since like ancient times”, i even forget i had it ;D , so i scanned the drive, done the job nicely :-* thus reminded me to this forum, and here i am ;D

Truly one if a kind Ganda.
I’m happy for you for resolving the virus issue.
Welcome back.
I too will extend the offer of your modship returned.

Has there been someone that has caught your eye yet?

Has there been someone that has caught your eye yet?
caught eye... you mean like [url=]this[/url]? 88)

naaah, i think i’ll just stay as civilian :azn: the forum got plenty of mods already.

thanks :smiley: :-*

Kim Leone?