Sneaky tracking by major websites exposed

So not cool :o :-TD

Cookie blocking, Do Not Track and private browsing are circumvented

Sneaky online tracking used by major websites is exposed


Apparently, kissmetrics use two javascripts to set their Etags, so I would guess if one blocks scripts via something like Noscript, the problem is moot. From what I’ve read, Adblock plus also blocks this tracking.

Personally, with firefox, I use Noscript, Adblock plus with several of fanboy’s filters, as well as Request policy to limit cross site requests. I guess one could also use something like Ghostery

When on the Fox,

AdBlock Plus
RefControl - set to forge the root of whoever is asking.
BetterPrivacy - clearing LSO Supercookies

As well as whatever cookie handling provided by the Fox.
ie. - allowing selectively and clearing cache,history,cookies on close.

A heads up really for those not looking after the if’s, thinking these basic settings are being respected.