Sneak preview of CIS 6 screen

We always listen to you guys.

check these out :wink:

this is the next version…and as always more than happy to take your input for subsequent versions.

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Looking good. I like the new summary screen.

Nice, now we have a dashboard again :-TU

Waaaaaay better!
Great job, guys!

:wink: :o :smiley: Whn can I download this! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

That looks absolutely gorgeous.
A true visual delight.

Very impressive indeed.
Excellent work.

It doesn’t look like the UI has fundamentally changed, just a bolted on summary. I hope there’s more…

Many little steps will make for an interesting and exciting journey. :wink:

Thanks for sharing the screenshots Melih. :-TU

WOW!, this looks absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to see the final build with this implemented.

Thanks for sharing

BEAutiful :smiley:

Looks good.

Hopefully those options on the main screen are also shortcuts to the relevant portions of the settings.

Looks good!!! :-TU

The summary screen looks good, it has my approval.

I like it too but I’m a little disappointed that the drag and drop box is still there.

Look good. :-TU

It is GUI much more informative than the last.
And where is my favorite green shield?( in GUI). :wink:
Edit: You can place next to (Comodo. …

Great, thanks :-TU

I like it. Good job!
When is it going to be available for download?

good job :-*

i hope we will get the opportunity to use the latest version very soon. :a0

I see that the number of sandboxed apps is underlined - does it means that you may check what apps are sandboxed?