Snapsots and my files are all gone after dualboot.

Well hi community :smiley:
i had installed CMT before a month and it was working very good :slight_smile:
but now after i installed win7 in other partition the snapsots are gone

Well when i installed win7, the CMT on vista wouldnt open and so i installed it on win7 too.
Now it works perfectly BUT… my old snapsots are all gone
and my computer is at the baseline snapsot now :frowning: i lost all of my data
Please any help guys .
Can i recover my data back it is around 5GB
and i have no backup
i never excpected CMT to fail…

The snapshots can only be read IF you install in both systems at the same time (same installation procedure, one after another). CTM offers this option.
A CTM installation can’t see the snapshots created before it was installed.
If you’re using 2.8, yeah, you’ll get the baseline. Version 2.9 give you the last state.
Anyway, take into account CTM is NOT a backup tool, but a system restore one.
And, unfortunately, it’s not being developed anymore.

In your case, CTM has not failed you, but you have failed CTM !
(reason: as Tech had described)