snapshot, user privilige question

I have some problem , could somebody helps me~

  1. I have 2 users , A= full prilivige ,B= restore snapshot only
    and I checked “don’t show last login-name at logon screen”(i forgot, i don’t rememver very clear)
    but it not works very well, usually shows last login-name at logon screen

  2. I copy winXP CD i386 folder to c:\ , two copies, then I create a snapshot
    reboot , and restore base-line,
    I mount that snapshot which has 2 copyies of WinXP i386 folders
    i can’t open that two folder in c:\ , an error shows me “file or folder was broken , and unreadable”
    (SORRY ,its chinese-English)
    I restore this shapshot, XP is run chkdsk and delete many files and indexs.
    after reboot, that 2 folders (copies of i386) was gone~

Does CTM have some restriction?
e.g. : The amount of file change on protect-volume?..etc…

  • I take this HDD off from Notebook, and add a file into c:
    then I put it back into Notebook
    That file can’t be recover, even I recover from base-line, it’s always there~

    I know this problem can’t be process in many recovery-software~

    I just tell av8d for my testing~ Don’t angry~OK

1 is a known issue, will be fixed in later release
for 2, you should not access protected partitions from out side of CTM, for example, unplug it and access it from another machine, etc.