Snapshot Process

Is there anyway to know how long the “Take Snapshot” process is? It seems to take no time at all, so it’s probably happening in the background. Without knowing when the process is done, I don’t know when I can retart/shutdown my system.
Also, is there a way to back up these snapshots? I know they can’t be accessed if they are on an external drive (come on, why not).
Finally, in the Timeline View, the Baseline snapshot shows it taking up 0MB. Is that normal? Or is something wrong? And why?



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Once you see the taken snapshot you on the Timeline can close your pc. The basline is 0mb and that is normal. If you take a snapshot you should be some mb depending how much is installed on your OS.

there is away to back up the snapshot but I have to explore that a bit and I will come back to you.

Valentin N

Is there a way to choose between Incremental and Differential backups? Which type does CTM use?
Incremental might be faster, but if one file is corrupted, the whole thing goes.


risingevil, you appear to be very confused as to how CTM works. CTM works at the sector level not file level.

This topic has been discussed on numerous occasions by me and others. It can be quite lengthy and detailed so i’m not about to do it again. I suggest you search these forums and i’m certain you’ll get your answers. Searching my username for my posts will probably get you the fastest results.

In the meantime i suggest you be very careful in the use of CTM until you fully understand how it functions. I would keep a good backup of all current important data on a separate drive.

Lastly, if you take some time to read these forums you may get the impression your playing with fire in CTM’s current form. So proceed at your own risk.

Yes, I did get the impress that CTM can be disastrous, just base one the top two threads. This is why I only depend on CTM to give me a usable system when it crashes. I have disabled it from touching my personal data, which is on a separate partition, and I’m using Paragon for that.
I will go though the formums regarding the difference between sector backup and file backup. I didn’t know the different types of backup doesn’t apply to sector backup. Thanks for letting me know.
I am however, impressed by CTM, since it seems to take no time at all when taking snapshots, even WSR takes a few minutes. So I think I’ll explore it a little more.