Snapshot Lost


I have used CTM for 3 month, today the system warned me “Low Free Space” just after CTM took a scheduled snapshot.
I soon realized that CTM had taken TOO MUCH snapshots…
So I deleted several snapshots but the system showed the same one.
I rebooted the computer and clicked Home key, uninstalling CTM.

There were two snapshots: the baseline (3/16) and one today (6/28), I surely chose the latest one (6/28) which is BLUE backcolor and uninstalled.
But when I logined soon I discovered that it’s the baseline one !!!

That’s extremely odd, I thought the system would maintain its status as usual (6/28).
Now all the datas before 3/16 had been lost.
All the efforts had lost !! :cry:

HOW can I do to recover my computer?
I tried to re-installed CTM, but there is only one snapshot left when re-installing it…

(Sorry for my poor English, I am a Taiwanese)


Right now, after restoring a snapshot and uninstalling CTM, the old ones are lost.
You, maybe, can still recover the files (that will be in the free space of the disk).
You can use: Recuva, Glary Undelete, FreeUndelete or Paragon Rescue Kit Express.

Maybe the programmers could take a look on the restoration process.
I never experienced a restoration from other snapshot than the chosen one like you.

Hi ebola777:
I can not even reproduce it as you said. Certainly, We will look into this issue.
I am very sorry to tell you that there is no way to recover your “lost” data after uninstalled CTM.

Best Regards.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

I used Testdisk only to find no disk partition like my lost one, Recuva and some softwares seem unable to find missing files in the hidden partition.
Maybe the MBR was erased by CTM…

After seeing the warning “Delayed Write Failed”, it’s urgent to uninstall CTM becase it once made my another notebook reformat. So I have a little distrust with it.
I am so regretful for having made such a hasty dicision…

I think CTM has a defect of the ablility to estimate the remaining disk space before taking a snapshot.
CTM takes scheduled snapshots weekly, but the setting has it delete them monthly or even not to delete them, the bad situation will come one day.
It’s manually operated yet if the scheduled deletion is disabled. Keeping a snapshot or not is all up to you. I hope CTM can be more automatic to control the amount of snapshots.

Thanks again.

Won’t this help?

Indeed I did not test the critical situation of lack of free space.
I’ve managed to delete the old snapshots before that.
If I remember correctly, RollBack RX has a setting to delete (or warn) snapshots when the free space runs bellow “x” Mb.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes. But I thought a snapshot wouldn’t take much disk space, so I set “Delete unlocked Weekly snapshots of 15 days old” and taking a snapshot daily at that time…
I remember that CTM doesn’t enable the deletion function after installing ?

Sorry, I did not notice that much before that critical situation.
When the warning appeared, CTM had taken 4 snapshots and there were only 2 MB left in C disk.
Due to low disk space, CTM seems unable to delete any of the snapshots.

I take hourly (during workday) and delete old 5 days.

Yeah. It’s disabled by default.

Well… 2Mb is difficult to do anything in the disk.
But you can delete the snapshots at the console.

Thank you, Tech.
Now I understand how to safely take scheduled snapshots and delete them periodically.
But those who don’t know this might repeat the same mistake…

Sure. So I wish a better control over the free space like you.