Here’s something that happened to me rather recently.

Was driving home, got to the gate. Opened the gate, drove in, closed the gate. This is where it got interesting. I had messed with the in-car light at some point and had not set it back to turn on when the car door opens. I went to get back into the car, sat down, felt something under me, heard an angry “hiss” sound, jumped up and ran towards the gate, jumped the gate. Ok, so not all Aussie’s are Crocodile Dundee, especially me!

Now jumping the gate was absolutely useless, but it put some distance between me and whatever was on the seat (I’m very sure it was a snake…).

Anyone else have any similar experiences?

Two really.
When I was about 16 I got roped into going to Knox County Texas with a friend of mine,and his old man on the promise of a Wild Turkey hunt.
Of course before we could hunt,we had to build a little fence.
The posts were laid out for you to use the post hole digger to set them.
I tried to move each post a foot or so further along to cut down on the post holes I had to dig.
It was getting towards sunset,and visibility was poor.
I came on one post that seemed to be only three or four feet from the last one,so in anger I tried to give it a kick…
Only to see the “post” strike a coil,and set up a bone chilling rattling.
It had to be the fatest Texas Diamond back of all time…
The second involved a frog gigging expedition in my home county of Hopkins.
This buddy of mine and myself were into about case number two Heidlburg,or some other ultra cheap beer,
when we came to this small woods pond.
When we shined out headlamps over the bank it seemed peppered with cow pats.
UNTIL the cow pats began to crawl towards the water,and we saw the cow-patties were really coiled cottonmouths.
Now for the Aussies I know a cottonmouth or even a Texas Diamond back is no Inland Taipan,or King
Brown,but in the first case I caught my second wind,and in the second I sobered up in record time.

You sure you werent just going Commandoand had a flat tyre?---->Big boy ;D (maybe the snake was looking for a bit ofhow`s your father).If it had bit you there :o …brings tears to my eyes!

Poisonous snakes, spiders, crocodiles…i dont know how you guys sleep at night, id have to get rat-arsed just to get 40 winks :wink:

It was most likely a green tree snake (Harmless) given that I wasn’t bitten and still alive. But we do get brown snakes and they can be a little pissed off in general (They have been known to chase people, trying to attack) although not common, I imagine sitting on one may warrant it. I’ve never seen a red-bellied black snake, but they’re around.


I havent had any experiances with snakes but my GF has. She was staying over one of her uncles houses with her dad one weekend and her uncle owns a large snake ( cant remember what it was but it was de fanged and perfectly safe) that he lets roam free round the house. In the evening she went to run a bath, put the water going put the bubble bath in. then went to get undressed and put her dressing gown on. So she went back into the bathroom closed the door and got in the bath. Then she realised the snake fancied a bath also. she hadn’t seen it under the bubbles. lol

i had a lizard sneak in my pants when i was reading donald duck comic, does it count? 88)
(when i was 10 i guess)

MetalShaun : I can just imagine the fright she got!

SirMoeE.Ron: Slightly off topic, what’s texas like in terms of the climate (I.E Extremes of summer and winter?)