SmsService 1.0 being tagged as Malware


Been using CIS on my PC for the last 4 years - finally decided to try CMS on my Android device.
Hope the Mobile version is as good as the PC one.

Facing an issue -
There’s some thing called ‘SmsService 1.0’ on my device - supposedly a system service as per CMS process list, but the same has been tagged as malware.

CMS prompting me to delete/uninstall - what should I do?
package name -
pid - 6678
uid - 1000
This service doesn’t have the generic system icon - hence I’m a little doubtful of this app.
Will appreciate all help on this.
Thanks in advance. :-TU

Some improvement suggestions

  1. Please address this issue -
  2. In the process list - if the process id & package name, & apk location can be displayed, it would help a lot.
  3. The USSD attack filter is great - awaiting an official rollout.
  4. Process Manager should have a regular kill option.
  5. Private Space should also have options for files & a protected folder.
  6. StartUp Control - not the boot startup but options to manage apps which start on it own in the backgroud.

I know its asking for too many features - would like to know your views on this.

Good work on CIS & CMS - keep it up :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Most likely a FP. Mark it as ignore. If unsure, freeze it and test. Deleting it may cause you grief later.

#1, please use Eric’s suggestion for this resolve.
#2, app location is determined by hw/fw. Get yourself a file manager such as Root Explorer.
#4, not sure what you mean?
#6, use Gemini app to disable auto start features/options.

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thanks for the inputs…but, how do i freeze an app?

Use apps like Titanium Backup, System Tuner Pro. These have options to freeze any app.

If SmsService 1.0 is uninstalled, anyway to bring it back or will reinstalling operating system solve the prob?

What is it with Comodo, now FPs with Android too like Windows. They should really do something for FPs prob. Due to FPs many users avoid using Comodo AVs.

All AV’s have fp.
That is life.
If you un install sms service, you will have to reinstall the FW or flash the program to put it back. (freezing it makes it disabled, and you can boil/unfreeze it with no repercussions later)

So SmsService 1.0 is a system service or not, any info?

If you are unsure, freeze it, then test the sms function of your phone.

On my cell its not detected, neither can I find it.

I asked for info so that in future if its detected on my or friends cell I can advice them how to proceed.

Google search shows nothing.

Hope Devs give info.

Edit - I have sent a PM to Fanny for info & also added this thread link to the post. Hope to get the reply soon.

I completed a new search, found (system) information on Wikipedia, and found an app by the same name available for DL.
I would suggest, again, freeze the file/app, test the sms software, and act from there based on your findings.

Heyy bitspirit,

So what you did with SmsService 1.0? Did you try freezing it & checking if SMS service works fine? Did you get the info if SmsService 1.0 is a system service or not?

I had sent Fanny a PM few days back regarding this but no reply. Today I have send another PM.


seems to be a spyware logging all usage date and sending it to China - deleted the app.

Phone’s working fine.

Thanks to all for the help and support.

Thanxx for the info.