Smiley Face "Bug"

I have this most insidious “bug” on my computer that has been giving me grief for over 18 months .
Usually it happens about every 2 to 10 weeks at random times when I go to sart the computer it will go to the point of showing the “MSI Diamond” logo and then will go to the cursor blinking in the top left hand corner of the screen whereapon the cursor will rapidly descend to the bottom left hand corner and will intermittently and rapidly scroll across the bottom of the screen and then a small rectangular smiley face icon will appear about 4 mm high x 3 mm wide in bottom left corner.
The last time it occurred ( last night) I was suspicious of computer activity and looked down at the comodo icon in bottom R corner of screen and placed cursor on it to show if it was operating as expected and gave usual message of all systems functioning but when I opened program Comodo showed all systems were not functioning and there were 4 red lines while in message window it said I should shut down and re-load program as there was a problem, so I went to restart computer and my little friend was back again.
I then pulled the plug and let the computer sit over night.
I have had it with this mongrel virus if anyone knows how to cure it please let me know.
The only anti-virus program that has picked anything up on my computer is the freeware
“Dr Web Cure-it” program with this log file:
Object: cmgr32.dll ;Path: C:\WINDOWS\system32 ;Status: BackDoor.Xdoor.origin ;
Action: Incurable.Moved.

If anyone has knowledge of what to do would be greatly appreciated also I am a novice computer person and would need step by step procedures to identify/cure problem.
thanks redreddazza

You may find this thread some help.
What security products do you have installed?

I have Avast, AVG , Comodo firewall and BOclean, Advanced Windows care, Lavasoft Adaware,
SpyBot search and Destroy, Dedaulus system cleaner, EasyCleaner and Spyware Blaster.


maybe try A-squared free edition? It has almost 904,000 signatures (And i prefer it over most anti spywares. That’s just me though)

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