SMARTSUITE_GUSER_1.7.0_Setup.exe virus or not?

I downloaded this file Home | Alcatel Mobile | Alcatel 1S | Alcatel 1X | Alcatel 3 and ran it. When unpacking, Komodo detected CloudScanner.Trojan.Gen @ 2 @ 1 and install the application stopped.
Then I sent the file to the Virus Total - VirusTotal
Virus Total identified: “Probably harmless! There are strong indicators suggesting that this file is safe to use.”
I also sent a file from karanitin - VirusTotal
What to do? I need this application, but Komodo swears.

Uncheck “Do Not Show Popup Alerts” under the File Rating. This way you will be alerted if a cloud threat is detected. I really hate that Comodo has enabled that because a lot of times I get .tmp file fp’s from a wide range of softwares.

Hope I helped you to work around this issue.

To COMODO staff checking this, this is the actual detected file: - [now defunct] Free File Hosting

Temp File is located in C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Temp<Randonly named folder>\smartsuite-guser-1-7-0-setup.tmp
Upon execution of the file the OP posted

If the op’s original download link for the execuatable is slow, I have zipped it and uploaded it to zippyshare,
Here: - [now defunct] Free File Hosting
SHA1: da38c0ad0d69143b6dd428fb6b241b38adb59bda

Thank You! Komodo shows me the message about the virus detection. But Virus Total says that it is not a virus.

Glad I could help! I know it happens with a wide range of programs. It is a cloud detection bug introduced in v8, somehow .tmp files are flagged by CIS as malware when there are not.

Hello Ку,

Thank you for your submission. Please update your CIS anti-virus database to v20820 and check if this is fixed.

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