smart sync

Hi all,

I want to try Comodo Backup but first I want to know if it does support smart sync, where only the difference being transferred when synching a file. I mean, let’s say I have a 20MB file which has been synched, then I made slight modification on my local copy … next time when I sync the file, does it transfer the whole 20MB or only the difference?

Thank you.


We do not have smart sync (yet).
This is a nice feature that we will consider for the next release.


How would be the local resource usage to compare the file already backuped and the file in the disk? Seems that you can save bandwidth but you can use much local resources for comparison. Am I wrong?

Bandwidth used will be minimal, but it will require some additional disk space.
Depending on the size of the folder being synchronized, it would only use a small amount of local disk space.
For example: 4GB of data require about 100KB of additional disk space.

When I say resources I do not mean local disk usage, but RAM and CPU. How will the program detect and send only differential parts of the file? It would be like a P2P program like?

RAM and CPU usage will be low.
The program will store some information on the local computer, and it will use that to determine what part of the file is changed and what is not.
I cannot say exactly how it will be done.