smart file advisor

what is smart file advisor? Its in program files?

Basically, It helps to search for the right program for the right file type;

For unknown/unregistered file extensions

Does it gets installed with isobuster? Coz I haven’t installed it. Yesterday I had installed & uninstalled isobuster. Later I saw smart file advisor in the program files.

Hmf; Not to sure about the bundles of ISOBuster;

I installed isobuster in another system & yes smart file advisor is installed along with isobuster. There is an option ticked while installing isobuster but the option is not quite clear that it is going to install another app with isobuster. I uninstalled it.


How do you uninstall Smart File Advisor? Do you have to uninstall the entire Isobuster program ?

I dont remember now. Look into add/remove, if smart file advisor is there, try to uninstall it. I dont think uninstalling it will affect iso buster.

Thanks Naren. SmartFile Advisor was in Add/Remove, so I removed it.

I removed Isobuster and Smart File Advisor back in April 2012, but every day when I start up my computer I get a “popup” box in the middle of the screen asking “Do you want to install Smart File Advisor” ? I keep saying “No” , but the same box comes back every day. What now?

Thank you Ragwing. I followed your directions, but under “Startup” I couldn’t find anything related to Smart File Advisor. Oh Well…

Try Comodo Cleaning Essentials - AutoRuns & check for the related entries to Smart File Advisor

1) Using Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) is not a very good advice, I have to admit - that is not safe at all if you follow & act upon

Please use Autoruns by Sysinternals where you can find (Search feature) whether there are leftovers of what you are trying to get rid of (Smart File Advisor in this case)

unfortunately … I have to strongly disagree with Ragwing re : using msconfig
That was discussed many times here & in other forums
MsConfig is strictly Diagnostic Tool. It is not intended to be used for managing startups by any means.
please never use Msconfig for what’s suggested. You can get your system in big troubles.
Use it only when you are very experiences user yourself
when specifically advices by certified specialist when he/she is investigating some troubles with your system