Smart Defense+ vs Vista UAC

Every software installation start with UAC windows on vista, then i press ok, continue… but i see that after UAC windows imidiatly i see D+ windows or logs to continue, allow or not.
For example, there is one same thing and 2 mouse click everytimes per action (on UAC & D+ window).

  1. Should i disable Vista UAC?
  2. Should D+ read or understand info from UAC because it is boring, after 2 years expierience with Comodo, continue do 2 mouse actions for every software install step?

I think D+ it will do automatically, not manual use Installation Mode because it is also my mouse clicks and bad usability of Comodo.

Thanks for forum!
Sorry about my wrong english.

Your English is clear to me. You are doing fine.:slight_smile:

1.You can safely disable UAC. CIS is UAC on steroids as it checks more parameters. So it is safer. It also can remember decisions so it won’t bug you time and time again. Another important difference is that CIS only babysits program behaviour. UAC also babysits the user’s behaviour. UAC in Windows 7 is much quieter as it does not babysit user’s behaviour anymore.

2.D+ does not need UAC as it is superior to UAC. Simply disable UAC.

Thanks EricJH for help because
Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, UAC, Malicious Software Removal tool, Microsoft Live Essentials,
Internet Explorer,
System Restore, Windows BackUp,
Disk Defragmenter,
Disk Cleanup,
for me are untrusted software.