Smart Anti-Virus 2008

Hi there im new to fixing TROJANS and would like some help, heres how it goes:

I am now running a bigger and better system due to a misshap with my friend Smart Anti-virus 2009, i am shure everyone is aware of what it can do to your system, i have my old (STILL INFECTED) harddrive. i was hopeing to fix the problem myself.
When SAV2009 started, the first thing it did was remove the C: harddisc icon from My Computer file so i carnt go anywhere to try and get rid of it, Then from the start menu it removed the My Computer tab so now i carn’t even get into my file system. Can anyone help? is there a program that will install and run, that will fix this Trojan problem.
On my old Harddisc i already have AVG7 and i have Comodo Fire Wall (Nither told me anything about a trojan or virus while this was all happing)

Any help will HELP!!


Hi BOGRAT Welcome to the forums!

SUPERAntispyware will remove this infection.


Sweet i will try that thanks

 You can also try using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware found here:

It’s also another very good antispyware/antirogue application and its free.


Cant say for sure, though id assume windows key and e would still bring up explorer, so you could do it that way if not via a program (:WIN)

If you find that you cannot fix this from within Windows,then the best bet is to use UBCD4Win,a BartPE based boot cd.This is a cut down version of XP that runs from a cd and it contains a number of malware scanners including SuperAntiSpyware.