small problem with quick time plugin. (CFP

I run the comodo on windows xp

I notice today a problem - near to bug.
When I open a web page on internet explorer that have quick time file inside then the comodo service of comofo firewall start eat cpu and then I start to check what file was the one that have the problem and found a loop on this quick time plugin

c:\Program Files\VistaCodecPack\QT\QTSystem\QuickTimeStreaming.qtx

Now, this is a codec pack that I install recendly and the comodo found the same file
on diferent location -and diferent versions- and for some reason did not make a question
for componet monitor (that I have on turn on) but
comodo felt on loop that eat cpu speed…

I put comodo to “allow all” for some minume and then is come back normal.

Hope this report help you.