Small issues

When changing the preferred language in Dutch something strange happens, don’t know how to say it in english :-[

See attach 1

Also, when pressing = Show new replies to your posts, the screen moves a bit to the right.


[attachment deleted by admin]

the buttons disappear, you mean?
Same problem here!
I thought it was my opera, but I couldn’t find anything in urlfilter.ini…so, no solution here, either.

Same problem by using German.
Also, there’s two English. The top one will cause the same error as for German and Dutch, while the one at the bottom is the default one.

You’ll also get another error for Spanish.

I’m using Firefox 3.


!ot! Nice theme Ragwing ;D !ot!

Anyway, do you notice that the forum changes a bit or not ?


Royale Noir. I like black, I hate Vista.

For me, the place of the forum won’t change when clicking ‘Show new replies to your posts’. I guess that might be a Opera-only error? Have you tried with another browser (like IE)?