Small Irritation in Remembered Last Folder for Downloads--updated 2

I suppose this is the proper section?

I’ve been noticing ice isn’t always remembering the last folder used for downloads and sometimes wants to put the downloaded files into a different folder than the one just used.

It is a small irritation for me, but nothing serious. I download working files and place the various types in a separate folder for each. Sometimes ID wants to place some of the files in a totally different folder than the one last used. It isn’t anything major and merely need to not start download until i see it’s going to the proper folder, but thought you should know about it.

Thanks…a few minor irritations with ice…like download bar not clearing for all files (seems to be rar files for that). Other than a few things… I still like ice very much.



I noticed something about this i did not before and may help in understanding why it happens.

I usually place all my downloads in my documents folder and not use the win7 downloads folder at all. Using the win7 downloads folder everything functions as it should. If i name folders for each of them…it remembers them without fail and even if I am downloading multiples of different working files…they save to the proper folders. I tried downloading 2 different job files and each went to their proper folders. That seems to be the area of concern. When downloading to other than win7 default download folder… I get attempts to place them in various folders, but if using win7 download folder… everything is remembered and downloaded to the proper folder I named for them…as long as they are in the default windows download folder.

Thought you might like to know.

Spoke too soon again.
Another downloads of working files did not want to place them all in the win7 downloads folder, but wanted to place them is several different ones…outside the downloads folder.

It isn’t a major concern. But I see ice cannot be trusted to remember last download folder and will have to notice it goes to the intended one. Hope a solution can be found for it.


I edited your post to have proper sentence case. Not doing that makes it harder to see the structure do a preliminary skim of the problem.