Small "info" alerts overlapping with the bigger, app control -related ones

So I’m really getting frustrated with this. Sometimes when I get a lot of popups, the small info ones which just tell you that some program did something and you can only close them by clicking the X, jump on top of an application requesting rights -popup and thus prevent me from clicking allow or block or anything. Then I close the info box, almost get to click whatever the rights I want to give the application in question, and another info box pops up, again blocking the bigger popup behind it.
Is there a way to prevent this?

It would be useful if they were in a different place - I’ve clicked the wrong thing because of this.

For a couple of weeks I tried ThreatFire nad had the same problem: Comodo and TF popping up in the same place; couldn’t read both; limited time etc.

(Got rid of TF as it slowed the PC and also borked downloads).

The little ones are balloon tips and can be turned off under miscellaneous\settings.

I don’t believe that was the point. What if you don’t want to turn off the balloon tips?

Of course you can drag the alert windows to another position, but the balloon tips should not steal the focus from an alert. It is a minor glitch which should not take much to fix.