small business server 2011

Hello-- I’ve been using the free versions of CIS for a few years as a PC tech. I am moving from residential to small business clientele, and would like to know which version of Comodo would run on Windows Small Business Server 2011. I would also like to know how hard it is to become a reseller or partner-- I live in a SMALL town in Oklahoma (don’t laugh) and my needs are limited-- as are my resources!

Please direct me to the correct forum, as I doubt this is it.

Thanks in advance!!

new version of CIS will handle the server side.
you can send an email to sales at comodo dot com and asking them to become a reseller and they will set you up.


The CEO just answered my post? I love it!! SOLD on customer service, that’s for sure!
Which version of CIS ? None of them mentions anything about compatibility with SBS 2011?


I think Melih means v6, when he says the new version, currently only the mods have access to it but it is expected to hit final in october

Okay-- well I need something today. What else you suggest? Is anything compatible or do we wait until October?

your best bet would be to wait. i have heard people using 5.10 (latest stable) on windows server without problems but it isnt officially supported so you could run into unexpected problems.

Are you talking about the free or paid… pro or complete or what?

free, actually cis is the same in all versions, with the paid versions you get extra paid features like geekbuddy tech help, trustconnect, online storage, and virus free guarantee) you can compare the different versions here

edit:attached a screenshot

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