Slowdown of Start>Programs with CAV running


Looking for some help on CAV …

When I have CAV running and then click on Start>Programs and then move the mouse up and down the list, the list is REALLY slow to show the contents of the sub folders …for example when I move the pointer over MS Office it takes about 10-15 seconds before any of the icons/names show up.

If I disable CAV the speed returns to normal … is there something I need to exclude in CAV to stop it from doing this (I’m assuming it has something to do with on-access or HIPS).



Further to this … the issue is with On Access…

If I disable On Access the problem goes away …all menu items pop up nice and quick …as soon as I enable On Access the issue returns.

Also noticed that if I try to hover over an entry in the Programs menu and the system is taking its time displaying anything - if I then click on (give forcus to) another window all of the Start>Programs>??? will stay on top of the screen …so the entire Start menu is locking up.


You can modify the delay time for items to show on the start menu:

* Open the Start menu, click on Run, then type regedit and click OK.
* Find the following registry key:
  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.
* Find the string value MenuShowDelay, then right-click Modify and edit the value.
* The default value is set to 400, you can change this to whatever you like. The lower the number the faster it will open.

I set mine to 50 and it seems to be just right for me,


Thanks for the reply …

Unforunately it does help though …I already set the delay to ~100.

The window (menu) pops up quick enough …but it can literally take up to 15 seconds to ‘fill’ with the available entries.

As mentioned above …if I disable On Access the problem immediately disappears.

I’ve also just noticed that this particular issue only effects my systems with AMD processors (to of them) … my laptop (which is a full Pentium …not an M) doesn’t display the same problem.

All systems are pretty much ‘abre bones’ at the moment as far as progs go … installing CAVS and the CPF were part of my rebuild stratergy as I rebuilt all systems from scratch … so I can’t really blame other software - unless M$ updates have done something to the AMD units.

I should also mention that I have the current BitDefender running as well …but again the systems are set up identically (ie Intel & AMD PC’s).

What I could do for now is disable On Access in CAVS and turn it back on in BitDefender …it’s a little slower I feel but not to the extent of taking 15 seconds to fill up the menus (plus the red X on CAVS drives me nuts … should be able to tell CAVS not to show particular warnings/reminders).

Hope somebody out there can help as I really like CAVS otherwise and would prefer it as my On Access scanner …


Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but perhaps it will help… if you go to Settings/On-Access/Advanced, you can select items to exclude from On-Access (you can do so with ON-Demand as well). Once the selection window opens, you will have to browse to the files; you cannot type filepath even if you know it. As long as you have Program Version, this should work (that was an issue they fixed).

Side note: Once they came out with two instances of CAVSE.exe running to reduce resource consumption, startup resources/time was a lot slower, when logging into Windows. I’ve been using a startup manager since, and putting CAVS at the bottom of the order, so it’s last. That seems to help a lot.


Thanks for the reply …

I have already done that to all modules …

I think I have fixed it by running UPSDBMaker which I did NOT do at install.

The interesting thing here though is that all PC’s were set up the same and the issue only showed up on the AMD PC’s … 10+ seconds for your menu to appear on a 2.2Ghz Dual Core is just a tad long :smiley:

I would also think that stuff like the Start Menu should be hard coded as ‘ignore’ … at least in HIPS and On Access.

Thanks again…


I wouldn’t think so… that would be a prime place to spot malware trying to start up with the machine, as a lot don’t become active until a reboot…


Not so much the Start Menu itself as the prog/dll/code that is responsible for displaying the info whenever you click Start>All Programs. Obviously XP runs off and reads the users D&S dir each time they go there … and if you have several hundred entries in the menu the On Access is scanning each one of them each time it’s a little inefficient.

Most malware will not sit in the Start>All Programs menu … they will load up as system processes or get launched by another app … the Start Menu itself is not normally where they reside…


Okay, I’m with you now; thought you were referring to items being in the start sequence, rather than the “Start” menu.

And yes, the UPSDBMaker should take care of that for the HIPS. It would not for the On-Access scanner, though, AFAIK. You’d have to do the whole “exclude” thing for the appropriate control files.