Slow virus scan

Obvilously, the word slow is quite relative. However, I would like to ask you if my virus scan times are normal. The screenshot below depicts 31710 files being scanned in 1 hour 16 minutes. I have about 400000 files on my computer. If I was to scan all those files I guess I’d have to wait like a day or two. This clearly isn’t ok, right?

Thus my question is: how long does it take you guys to scan ~30000 files?

I have real time AV turned on, running Windows XP SP3 on a 3 Ghz, 1,5 GB RAM machine. No other security/residual software installed.

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The first scan (when CIS installation end) takes more than 2 hours to finish (~684000 files).

Today I ran another scan (My Computer profile) and CIS scans 684876 files in 1 hour and 54 minutes. It’s not good enough but it’s like McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i time to scan my entire computer.

While CAVS still grows your engine will be aprimorate. Comodo already shows it’s capability to surprise us! (R)


am think it’s depend on how much files are on the Harddrive for me i scan my complete computer in 18 Minutes for me one of the fastest scans ever so…


COMODO’s scanner is at least two times slower than other Antiviruses I have tested.


If you have alot of Mp3 files the scan takes a long time, they are aware of this issue and it should be fixed in the near future (probably next update)

I’m using Window XP Pro, Version 2002, Service Pack 3. I was using a previous version of Comodo. It took me about 60 minutes to complete the virus scan. Few days back, I was notified that the old version of Comodo will not have any more support, so I updated with the latest version of Comodo: 3.5.54375.427.

I ran virus scan. I noticed it was doing fine till it started scanning my Windows Directory, about 45 mins after starting. Everything came to a crawl. After 3 hours, I tried closing the scan, but it was responding very slowly. A blank dialog box came up after 20 minutes, and I didn’t want to wait any longer for the dialog box content to appear, so I turn off my lap top.

Last night, I tried again to scan, but now only the Windows directory. This morning, after 11 hours, it was still scanning. Again everything was a crawl. Once gain I turned off my laptop, as I have to go to work.

Codomo is a fantastic Anti-Virus program, which it be sad if I have to changed it after using it for so long.

Pls advise. Thanks.

I’m having the same problem as Yaohan. The virus scan never gets out of the Windows directory. CPU is pushed to 100% and my computer is basically frozen and unusable. The scanner will not stop/close no matter what I do. I’ve left it running for 20 hours and the scan never got out of the directory and CPU never goes below 100. I have to reboot my computer everytime in order to use it again.

I have the very same issues as these guys.
the Virus scan always hangs in the windows directory. for me, it shows 2 threats, but I am never able to complete the scan and clean it up.

I am running Windows XP sp3 home edition with comodo.
product version 3.5.54375.427
virus signature database version 549

Please help to resolve this.

I have also read that jpg’s can be a problem as well and that there is being looked into that.

Same sssslllllooooowwwww problem here,

Two weeks in a row the weekly scan starts, 10 minutes into it and my laptop takes 5 minutes to respond to requests. I left it for 9 hours, and it still didn’t finish. Scan window clock was stuck and so was current file, I finaly got it to recognize the Stop Scan button then the window update to 9hour blahlblah minutes and some true type font being scannned. Finally rec. a confirm Yes/No window. clicked yes, window disapeared but scan window never cleared or finalized. finaly gave up and hard reset.
CIS shows no available updates.

version 3.5.54375.427

WINXP vers 2002 sp3
pentium 1400 mhz 1.40 ghz 512mb ram
Inspirion 8600 laptop ( yeah, its and old one :wink: )

Many engine improvents are released in .432 version.

Is it reflect on more quickly on-demand scans?

Still not very fast for me, I’m afraid. The old simple CFP 3.0 scanner was much faster (but maybe not as throughout).


Still painfully slow here as well. I guess I won’t be performing any on demand scans, just relying on D+ and on access AV.

As a reference, quick scans with both Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware take around 10 minutes on my system. After 10 minues of scanning with CIS I’m only just getting started, at about 2000+ files or so.

In almost every other aspect I think CIS is great. If only the scans were faster, it would be perfect.

On access scan also slows down virtualy any disk operations. Check it yourself. For example check the time needed to calculate space occupied by all the folders and files on your partition (select all folders in the main directory \ , right click and select Properties) with on acces scaner turned on and then - with it turned off.

You guys experiencing slow scanning with build .432? On Access/On Demand? It’s probably worth doing a bug report, or looking for a similar thread and adding to it. Bug Report for improvement in the AV engine won’t hurt.


On demand.

The problem is, it’s very difficult to compare. We can all calculate and post # of scanned files per minute, but then there’s the hardware aspect… my machine is quite slow, it’s slower than Banjan’s machine, but it seems like my scanning is faster. Still it’s not close to the old CFP scanner. On the other hand, scanning only critical areas, makes it as fast as the old CFP scanner. Perhaps that was what the old scanner did? Scanned only critical areas?


It has been reported after beta release and it hasn’t been fixed.

To those who look for more reliable comparison - check it yourself on more generic disk operations such as analyzing partition (not defragmenting as you will get nothing to compare with after defrag!) with disk defrag software.

I did my testing with Perfect Disk 2007. I pressed Analyze and checked the time. Then I turned of resident AV scanner - the process took few times less time than before. By few I mean more than 3x.

I guess it’s the same issue appearing during on demand scan. During the process computer is literally unusable.

It looks clear to me and no fancy testing is required IMHO.

I tried this: it took a whopping 1 minute 52 seconds to calculate the My Documents folder size with AV turned on (49GB, 30000 files), and roughly 6 seconds with AV turned off. However, I suspect that this calculation was cached somehow, as a new trial with AV turned on performed much faster than before.

So post the new one! (:LGH)

It took something in the order of 12 seconds or so, but if I’m right about the caching of the calculation I guess the results are not that representative…